About M&J Agronomics

Our Culture:

At M&J Agronomics, LLC, our core values play a demonstrable role in our everyday environment. We will not compromise our company values of the highest honesty & ethics, the pursuit of excellence, respect & dignity, fostering independence and creativity, valuing the success of individual team members, and recognizing the gifts and talents of each team member. We seek to utilize the individual talents of each employee and to develop these talents in the application of their job as well as providing opportunities for growth. We care about our employees, and we want to see our employees succeed. In turn, we expect our employees to make a commitment to our Company that includes demonstrated integrity, discipline, a positive attitude, and a willingness to work hard to succeed.


Our mission is not to be the best possible gardener. Rather our aim is to become highly proficient with science, technology, and accumulated knowledge so that we provide our customers with a superior quality product that exceeds their expectations. We want to do this with such a high degree of consistency that our product line becomes synonymous with the best to be had at any price.


 Mark Branum

Mark is the Owner and Founder of America’s Remanufacturing Company, with responsibility for the management and strategy of the North American remanufacturing and resale business. Mark is also Co-Founder of Sino-American Joint Ventures, which includes LifeLike LED, Lumini U.S.A., and Agronomic Pod Systems. Mr. Branum leverages 34 plus years of entrepreneurial success in retail, manufacturing and import and distribution companies to drive new market development for Sino-American Joint Venture businesses

  Jim Gill

Jim is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Sino-American Joint Ventures, which includes LifeLike LED, Lumini U.S.A., and Agronomic Pod Systems, with responsibility for overall general management of the organization. Jim leverages a background that spans 35 plus years of corporate leadership experience with US and British based Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Gill has been employed in a variety of roles in the specialized field of Medical Oncology. Jim has successfully grown and led sales and medical teams for the past 25 years ranging in size from 8 to 300 employees.


Rick Piontek

Rick is the General Manager of Agronomic Pod Systems. Rick brings over 26 years of experience in operations and sales management.  Before Agronomic Pod Systems, Rick was an area manager for a medical company leading a team of sales representatives. Rick also brings years of successful technical solution sales experience in the information technology, manufacturing, and medical industrial sectors. He is extremely customer focused and has the innate belief that mutually agreed value must be established with every customer.

Eugene Walde

Our Master Grower/Cultivation Specialist, Eugene Walde, is from Riverside, Ca. He is a cannabis entrepreneur with 15 years of indoor cultivation and dispensary owner experience. His passion for the cannabis plant creates a platform to utilize his mechanical knowledge and tuning experience in a horticultural setting. 7 years as an automotive engine/chassis dyno operator, Eugene fires on all cylinders and is geared for peak performance and efficiency.

Josh Buffalo

Lead Grower: Raised in Riverside, California, Josh has a diverse background in the marijuana industry working in the retail industry as well as being a long time student of cultivation. With an open-minded approach to growing, he’s excited to be in Oregon sharing ideas with the leaders of the industry.

Christina Menke

Our Compliance Officer may surprise you. Armed with quiet courage that surfaces when you least expect it, Christina is the kind of team member who will go the extra mile to make it happen. Magna cum laude graduate with a business and marketing degree from Florida Atlantic University, Christina has overcome personal obstacles to step out of her comfort zone to join our team. She is committed to the vision and mission of the Company and brings a unique and delightful charm and sense of humor to our team.