Each of our pods features the following:

  • 40 ft. long converted one-time use shipping container (approximately 285 sq.ft. of growing area)
  • 2-inch polystyrene insulation with Kynar coated 26-gauge steel ”skin”
  • Wall mount T-Slot extrusion system on all sides and ceiling of container
  • 16 – 1500 equivalent watt LED programmable grow lights
  • 4 sliding workbenches for growing plants
  • Full sensor controlled drip irrigation with integrated pH and fertigation
  • Integrated CO2 enhancement system
  • OLCC approved security cameras
  • Individual GrowLink computer system integrated with master building control (auto regulation of heat, AC, humidity, CO2, lighting intensity and spectrum, water, pH, fertilizer and security). All can be viewed and controlled via smartphone
  • 200 amp main circuit panel with 16-20 amp circuits
  • Container fully wired for ancillary components or future needs
  • Keyed lockout “white light” to prevent accidental illumination during dark periods
  • Green task lighting to allow for work during dark periods